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    Is it Still Paint?

    Technology isn’t something most people think of when it comes to paint, but at Benjamin Moore we’re constantly working to develop products that solve problems and make you rethink what paint can do. Since Benjamin Moore paint goes so far beyond your expectations of paint, it kind of makes you wonder...is it still paint?

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When George Stephen, founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co., designed his first kettle-shaped barbecue grill in 1951, he sparked a backyard revolution. Tired of complaining about flat, open braziers that exposed his food to wind, ashes, and charring flare-ups, he decided to put a lid on it--literally. At the time, George worked at Weber Brothers Metal Works outside of Chicago, welding large metal spheres together to make buoys. It was in these very spheres that his idea took shape. He knew a rounded cooking bowl with a lid was the key to success. He added three legs to the bottom, a handle to the top, and took the oddity home. The popular kettle shape quickly became an American icon for food and fun. Today, every Weber grill comes equipped with a legacy of caring.

  Weber Gas Grills
Spirit, Genesis, Summit

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  Weber Charcoal Grills
One Touch, Performer, Ranch Kettle  
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  Weber Smokers
Smokey Mountain Cookers
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  Weber Portable Grills
Weber Q Gas, Go Anywhere Gas
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  Weber Electric Grills
Weber Q 140
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